A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing The Right Type Of Wall For Office

A wall has a lot more significance in the office set-up than merely dividing sections. There are different kinds of walls available in the market. When choosing a wall type for your office space, due consideration should be made regarding the long-term utility of the wall. Different kinds of walls have a variable price range, different features and different degree of flexibility. A comprehensive comparison of all these parameters has to be made before selecting the type of wall for your office. Let us look at the various types of movable or demountable walls, their advantages and their utility.

What are movable walls?

These walls comprise all those walls that can be easily mounted, unmounted and shifted from one office to another. They are more commonly known as demountable walls.

What are the different types of demountable walls available?

While each manufacturer will come up with a fancy name of each of its demountable wall type, the broad classification of these walls is as follows:

  • Unitised walls– These walls are pre-set by the manufacturer and shipped in a ready to mount form. Upon receipt, the client simply has to put the whole unit in the intended position.
  • Modular walls- These walls are dispatched in the form of individual pieces that need to be assembled in the desired shape and size after receipt by the client.

What are the features of unitised and modular wall types?

Each of the two types of movable walls has its own specifications. In case of unitised walls, you receive a pre-set unit that simply has to be put up as one piece. This means that much lower costs of installation will be involved when you opt for a unitised wall system.

Modular walls are available in a more diverse range of colours, textures and patterns, and hence, are more flexible.

What should you consider while choosing a demountable wall for your office?

The following aspects need to be thoroughly considered before getting a demountable wall installed in the office:

  • If you think that shifting your office is a possibility in future, then it is better to invest in a demountable wall system that can relocate with you to your new office. Depending on the design and individual pieces of these walls, you will be able to re-use almost everything.
  • If you have limited space and you want to have the freedom to use this space in different ways; or you want to retain flexibility in the office for diverse working styles, then it makes sense to choose demountable wall system.

Movable walls are making a grand entry in both- corporate and residential set-up. With their quick and easy installation, ease of maintenance and their flexibility, they are attracting a lot of takers. Latest designs in these walls provide 100% soundproofing too. Moreover, the fact that they come in a huge variety of designs, colours, textures and finish, making them the obvious choice for many people who want to create a personalised office space.