Choosing The Perfect Middleweight Rug For When The Weather Turns Colder

Choosing correct middleweight rugs for horses, especially for winters is certainly one of the toughest jobs. A lot of things have to be considered before purchasing. Nevertheless, here are some of the rugs that are necessary to consider for your horse.

Stable rugs

Most stable rugs mostly come with padding or the quilts, and due to this reason, these are available in various thickness that effectively provides an ample amount of warmth to the horses, especially inside the stable. Also, these kinds of rugs are solely for indoor use since they are not water-resistant. One of the biggest advantages of using these rugs is they are quite breathable and keep sweat away, which is similar to that of the cooler rugs. 

Stiffness of the rugs depends completely on the purpose and the ones that are light weighted. Being lightly weighted, these kinds of rugs are perfect for the spring weather. For winters, the thick rugs are the best option for your horse.

Turnout rugs

These kinds of rugs that are quite durable, fabric lined, breathable, but provide enough warmth just like stable rugs. With a turnout rug, you will get the advantage of durable belly and chest straps that will keep the rug in place. Apart from that, many turn-out rugs are designed, which sit up near to the neck.

These come with gussets as well as pleats near the shoulder so that it becomes easy for the horses to move. When investing in a good quality rug, it is necessary to buy something breathable since horses can sweat under blankets that are sweat proof.

Fly rugs

Fly rugs act like mesh blankets that look similar to that of cooler and are made of gauzy fabric. These are more like form-fitting that comes with leg and belly coverings as well as gussets. Using these blankets helps in keeping the insects away from your horse.

Many fly rugs are also available that even come with UV protection so that horse coats do not get dry and bleached. You might find the fly rugs not very effective as the horses still swish the flies. Investing in good fly rugs for winters is certainly a good idea.

Show rugs

As the name suggests, these rugs are quite aesthetic and are popular for making the horse look fashionable. But, the primary intention of using these rugs is solely to protect them from dirt and keeping them warm.

Hence, these are some of the middleweight rugs that you should choose for your horse, especially for winters.