Complete Insight About The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme

The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme is a typical course designed to impact site supervisors the skills to practically verify or contribute to a safe workplace for his unit of both skilled and unskilled staff. Ideally, this course is best to be attended by first-line managers, those who have supervisory responsibilities (even if he or she is a prospective supervisor). This expertise and the experience provides help them better ensure security at construction sites.  And, not just by, by having SSSTS course certification, one can lay the foundation for a rewarding career, by exploring the supervisory vertical to the fullest.

The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme is a vital part of the Construction Skills Site Safety (CTB), in addition, to complete range of courses. Over the years, this course is highly regarded within the construction industry and often termed as the highest form of certification. And, people those have undergone or likely to take up this course is expected to get promotion fast, compared to someone with more years of experience, but without this training.

The SSSTS course is generally a two-day training program. This course is curated solely for the site supervisors or the site managers in making, those having the responsibility of governing the day-to-day health and security at a construction site. This training program makes them aware of the information and the practical experience to make certain that the construction site, they are administrating, in line with the state health and security norms.

How does this course work?

This two-day training course makes the applicant aware of the all the issues related to health, security,welfare, environmental as well as knowing all the state & central legal authorities as a supervisor. The basic qualification to enrol for this course is that he (or she) either be a supervisor or due to taking up the charge in the next couple of months.

Just by joining the Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme course, you are not guaranteed to get a certification, you gotta earn it by proving that you are right worth for it. Every applicant has to pass the end of this course examination, along with securing good marks during the on-training continuous assessment done via interaction sessions. The certification of this course is valid for five years, after that, you will have to undergo this training again to know the latest security and health aspects of the construction industry. However, owing to continuous modification in the legal authorities and the health issues, it is often recommended to undergo this training around three years of previous certification completion. This course should not be confused with the other popular course for site managers, estate agents, and those, who are responsible for organising a workforce.

At the end of it all, from the above, it is no brainer to undergo the SSSTS course. Not only make yourself aware of the responsibilities of a site supervisor towards the security and well-being of the staff, also help you in your career growth.