How To Cope With Bad Breath And Shortness Of Breath During The Course Of Pregnancy

Most would be mothers are surprised when they encounter bad breath during the course of pregnancy. Though a lot of issues could be at stake, but halitosis is a common issue in relation to an unpleasant taste in your mouth. It is also observed that during the starting stages of pregnancy you do encounter shortness of breath. Once the stage of pregnancy proceeds, the breathlessness may tend to increase. The hormone progesterone or the rising levels of it are the main causes for it. It does force you to breathe in a deep manner, whereby you would need to rake in more air to breathe.

Once you tend to progress in the pregnancy and the uterus does tend to take up more space, the added pressure that is being put on the diaphragm, does increase your breath count. In fact it has to be stated that pregnancy respiratory disorders are common at this juncture. Once the baby goes on to drop you feel a bit easier to breathe. If the baby has not dropped then for sure you are going to have difficulty in breathing. Let us explore some of the methods that do make breathing a lot easier

  • It is suggested that you maintain a good posture when you are walking or sitting, as it could release pressure on the lungs
  • It is suggested that you undertake small exercises like walking that does help your heart
  • When you are sleeping proper position is important as you would need to put a pillow under your bed
  • At no point you should overdo any form of physical activity or your household chores as well. Do take your time and make it a point that you pay due attention to your body. If you put on excessive weight it is going to contribute to your breathlessness
  • Make it a point that you decrease your intake of caffeine that is leading to dehydration
  • Ensure that sufficient amount of water is being consumed. Be aware of the fact that water is very important during the course of pregnancy and all the more during postpartum or in a stage of breastfeeding.

You should take it easy and at no point you should over exert yourself. Pregnancy is a stage where some adaptive measures are required. Be aware of the fact that shortness of breath is not a recurring phenomenon and no sort of harm will be caused to your baby. There are numerous medicines for respiratory disease in pregnancy and for sure they provide immediate relief.

A pregnant woman is willing to eat a meal or two, but when it comes to water, there is a big question mark. For this reason the water levels in a woman are not met. When there is a growing baby inside the stomach, you need to take into fact that the various systems would need to work all the more harder. So dehydration needs to be avoided at any cost during pregnancy.