Important Travel Gadgets For Students

If you are a student and you suddenly decide to go on a little trip across the country, then there are certainly some gadgets that you will never want to leave without. Of course, I’m not talking about this like razors or toothbrushes, but gadgets that can help you connect with your distant friends, capture every moment of your travel, or even ask for help when in a bind. Here are 5 gadgets you will probably never start a journey without as a student.

• Why you’ll need a phone on your journey?
• Watching out for thieves and where you leave your phone
• Don’t forget a charger for it

A phone is very likely one of the things you are thinking of leaving behind when going traveling, especially if you want some peace and quiet. However, no matter how far you go, you should never leave without a good phone. It is best if you go with something that has a wide range, a GPS built-in and is sturdy enough to withstand a little battering. When carrying a phone, you should also watch out for any thieves, so be careful that you never leave it unattended. Finally, when it comes to phones, be certain to remember to bring a battery charger as you will definitely need one (and with modern phones maybe even daily).

• Capture every good moment
• Picking a good camera
If you want to keep those good memories of places you went to and people you met on your travel, you should bring a good camera with you. Don’t worry that you’ll look like a tourist with it. If everybody is carrying one, why not you too? However, picking a good one can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t intend to just stay in your room and leave it for a meal or drink. The camera you choose should be able to withstand all manners of weather conditions, dust and to be freeze proof and waterproof to at least 10 degrees Celsius and 3m. Of course, it also has to be able to take some good quality pictures as well.

• Why you’d want to carry a laptop?
• How to deter thieves from stealing it?
Carrying a laptop on your travels is also a good idea as it will allow you to stay in touch with family or friends via email and social networks, but you should make it small and light. Also, my personal recommendation is not to carry your newest and most upgraded machine, but rather something that is already a little battered. This will actually deter any thieves from stealing it.

What Else You Can/Should Carry With You?
You might also consider carrying an MP3 player and headphones with you, which will really save you any unwanted conversations in a buss Of course, don’t forget to bring chargers for your devices as they all run on batteries and before you leave, double-check on EHIC renewal when you are on travel for your health issues.

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