Scary Pregnancy Symptoms To Know To Avoid Medical Complications

Pregnancy is not only a joyous moment, but may also come with some common complications, thus making it essential for all women to have knowledge of the same. Majority of the problems faced by expectant mothers can be done away with, by following the physician’s guidance and advice. The woman displaying specific signs of requiring additional care is to be carefully monitored throughout the nine months of pregnancy until delivery.

Pregnancy symptoms to know about

  • Pain is found to be commonly experienced by all pregnant women, besides labor, backache and cramp. However, severe mid to upper abdominal pain may not be usual along with heavy vomiting. In case, tummy bag or indigestion has not caused the pain, then it can be probably pre-eclampsia or food poisoning.
  • At times, due to extra weight, the person is likely to feel hot. But if the temperature is found to be high and there is a feverish feeling, then it will be better to seek proper advice.
  • During pregnancy, the person may experience any type of impaired vision. Eye problems, if lasts over 2 hours, will mean having to visit the physician. The same goes for swollen hands, ankles, puffy eyes and face. Neurological disorders after pregnancy might take place requiring immediate treatment.
  • Implantation may cause bleeding, without the pain. It takes place during the early months of pregnancy, when embryo links to uterus, to break through. There should not take place bleeding. If pain exists then it does require checking. If there is faced one sided pain within the abdomen region, it indicates ectopic pregnancy. Again excessive bleeding may cause miscarriage. Bleeding may be experienced during later months due to placental, placenta praevia abruption.
  • If vagina loses fluid before 37 weeks, then it can be sign of premature rupturing of the membranes. The expected action course to protect both the baby and the pregnant woman is to have her admitted to a hospital for preparing for premature birth.
  • In case, there is experienced a sudden urge to consume plenty of water with no or some amount of urine, then it is gestational diabetes or dehydration causing it.
  • Infections may take place within the urinary tract. Symptoms are to be identified to prove UTI has taken place. Pain or burning sensation is experienced when urinating. The other symptoms can be backache, high temperature and getting shivers.
  • Fainting may take place due to hunger. For delivering healthy, bonny baby, it is necessary to consume well balanced diet.
  • Pulled ligament is likely to cause low abdominal pains. Ectopic pregnancy, premature labor and miscarriage are considered to be bad outcomes. Side pain is linked with fibroid degenerating, placental abruption or bleeding into itself.
  • In case, no movement of the baby is experienced within the womb for over a day, then immediate medical advice should be taken to determine if unborn infant is found in distress, since this could be reason for slowing down or stopping of movement.
  • Some may even face heartburn medication during pregnancy, which can be treated.

The above are few of the common complications faced by women across the globe, for which effective treatment is present.