Statistics Related To Israeli

Jews, which means sons of Israel or Children of Israel are known as Jewish people, originated from Hebrews of the ancient near east. If the Jewish tradition is to be believed, Jewish people were traced back to the biblical patriarchs Abraham, Jacob and Issac who lived in Canaan in the 18th century BCE. According to the history, Jews were evolved from the tribes of Judah and simeon and from the Israelite tribes of Binyamin and Levi. All these tribes together formed the ancient kingdom of Judah. Samaritans are closely related to Jews. Samaritan were said to have evolved from the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh. Judaism is the traditional faith of the Jewish nation. People who have converted to Judaism are equal to those who are born with the Judaism status. Conversion is not encouraged. It is a tough task and adapted in the cases of mixed marriages.

The population of Jews in the world reached 16.7 million before World war II. Among them, 6 million people were said to have been killed in Holocaust. Halocaust is the mass murder of 6 million Jewish people during the world war II by nazigermany under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party through the German occupied territories. The population has risen again after this massacre and as per the reports, 0.2% of the total world population are Jewish people.  About 43% of the Jews reside in Israel, 39% in United States of America and the remaining population in Europe and Canada.

Hebrew is the liturgical language of Judaism. The Hebrew Scriptures were composed in Hebrew and it is the daily speech language for Jewish people since centuries. The three commonly spoken languages of Jews today are English, Hebrew and Russian. Romanian languages, French and Spanish are also widely spoken.Yiddish, which was used by Jews in history is less commonly found now. All the latest news of Israel are communicated in Hebrew.