The scientific research and recommendations of Aboca for weight control

Nature as a lifestyle. There are many ways to take care of their health, one of these is avail the benefits of the plants. Aboca is the leading Italian company in the production of natural herbal products that are designed for every type of disorder and the formulation of which is constantly being reformulated and enhanced by company researchers that they also enjoy partnerships with leading research centers of international renown. The medicinal properties of plants, in fact, have been known for centuries, but the modern chemical and pharmaceutical technologies allow us to extract molecular complexes plants so that their effectiveness can be exploited to the maximum.

That’s why Aboca, from its origins (it was 1978 when Valentino Markets planted in Sansepolcro, near Arezzo, its cultivation of medicinal plants), has staked everything on two principles become the company’s philosophy: totally natural and organic farming research science and technology. By combining ancient herbal wisdom with modern technologies and scientific knowledge, Aboca now offers dietary supplements and medical devices that contain all the good and the effectiveness of plants, adapted to meet the needs of adults and children.

The message we want to promote Aboca is that our well-being and, in particular, weight control depend very much on our way of life. It is therefore important that this is dedicated to wellness, naturalness, dynamism, from a proper, healthy diet, which is the first and most effective system of prevention of many disorders. Thus, for example, pharmacies, drugstores and health food stores fiduciary Aboca you can receive a useful bag of Health, a reusable bag for shopping, reminiscent of the fair distribution of daily nutrients necessary to our needs: 30% of vegetables, 20% of fruit, 25% of cereals and 25% protein.

Considering the incidence of overweight and obesity as key factors in the spread of many health disorders, Aboca has also studied a product that is based on a new wellness approach and which, when placed in a low-calorie diet healthy and balanced, it helps to control body weight. It is Fitomagra Adiprox *, a new dietary supplement available in both concentrated fluid in infusion, based on the action of a molecular complex AdiProFen ® useful to assist the physiological function of microcirculation and adipose tissue due to its ability to fight stress oxidative and support the processes of thermogenesis. Adiprofen is a complex of 100% natural extracts from green tea and grape seeds.

Of course Adiprox * is not a miracle potion, do not miss the famous promises to 7 pounds in 7 days, but simply acts on the physiological balance of adipose tissue by helping the body dispose of excess weight. The latest scientific findings have shown that adipose tissue is not simply a fat reserve but an organ in all respects with its own functions useful for our body. It is therefore important that this fabric is maintained in equilibrium that can respond correctly to the health programs aimed at the reduction of excess weight. To get back into shape, though, you need to act on several fronts, even changing their diet, as explained by Dr.. Pier Luigi Rossi, medical specialist in Food Science:

“The fight against overweight is fought from a good nutritional education. Often people mistakenly think that the difference is given by the amount of food rather than its quality. Nutrition peach-vegetarian diet provides nutrients to the human body able to protect cellular functions and speed up the body’s metabolism. vitamins, polyphenols and anti-obesity omega3 molecules are able to burn body fat more quickly. The fiber contained in plant foods reduces the increase in the rise in blood glucose after each meal . insulin that is produced at this stage is the hormone that makes you fat. Eating plant means less insulin and therefore reduce body weight. Moreover, some plant extracts derived from plants help the adipocytes to unload their excess fat allowing to lose weight healthy. For staying healthy, in addition to controlling the daily caloric load, we must learn to choose foods which activate the body’s metabolism.’s health lies in the daily dish! ”

In short, eat well, move, take the occasion effective and safe natural products can really help us regain our natural vitality and good physical shape. For all lovers of plants, organic farming and nature then, Aboca organizes events dedicated to live “green” as the event “A sow good plant” (5 to 10 August) in Trentino in Vallarsa, Rovereto and Schio. An opportunity to discover all the benefits of plants with events related to art, culture and music, rediscovering the well-being that comes from nature.

* Follow a reduced calorie diet adequate follow a healthy lifestyle with a good level of physical activity. If the diet is followed for a long time, longer than three weeks, you should seek the advice of your doctor. Read the warnings.