11 AwwwDorable Couple Moments To Inspire Your Wedding Photography

One of the most photographed moments at any wedding is the couple photo shoot which generally takes place at the end of the stage programme and just before the pheras. It can be easily said that these moments are very fun-filled and enjoyable for the bride as well as the groom. They pose in different ways for the camera like making a love symbol, a pinky-promise, kiss on the brow, holding hands etc.

Many top wedding photographers in Bangalore feel that such photo shoots bring the couple more close. And also helps in easing the wedding jitters which both of them are undergoing that moment. Today, we bring some super fun couple pictures which will bring inspiration for your upcoming wedding photoshoot.

  • Show Thy Wedding Ring: This is a very classic yet immensely relevant wedding photograph in which the bride and groom show-off their wedding rings.
  • Let Me Steal a Kiss: Such kind of couple photographs bring an instant smile on the viewers face. It is dripping in playful-cuteness na?
  • Peek-a-Boo: Who knew playing a little game of peek-a-boo on the wedding day will be so much fun. You should definitely try this for the wedding.
  • Sneaky Friends: When it comes to being a kebab main haddi, friends fulfill that role to the T and this photograph is proof of that, don’t you think so?
  • The Love Hug: Doesn’t this pic make you go awww? Make sure you have some great photographs like these clicked on your wedding day. And you also get to hug each other without drawing the attention of those sanskaar bachao andolan aunties.
  • He is Mine: Well he is yours and you better scream it to the whole world like this possessive and authoritative wedding picture.
  • The Back Pose: This candid style of photography looks straight out of a Bollywood movie where the loved birds are totally lost into each other.
  • I’m Feeling Shy: For any bride being shy is not a hard emotion to radiate. But when your hubby-to-be compliments you, the result is out of the box which is given below.
  • You Are My World: It is time to test your hubby to be’s strength. Ask him to pick you up in his arms, give a twirl and make some promises of undying love.
  • Lean On Me: One of the best perks of getting married is the never-ending support you get from each other. And this photograph depicts that promise of ‘always being there for you’ beautifully.
  • Our Little Promise of Love: The seven vows which you give each other are the foundation of your happily ever after. But you need to make one more promise and that is of loving each other till eternity. Seal those words of eternal love with a pinky-promise.

These 11 types of photographs are some adorable moments which the couple share together. But it is not necessary for you to stick to these only. You are more than welcome to create your own story, after all, it is your wedding.

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