Tips for a Low Cost Wedding List

The wedding list is a delicate choice, very personal and always hovering between what is needed and what the bride and groom can offend the relatives. In recent years there has been widespread convenience to submit a list wedding money on the account, along with the envelope of money, is perhaps the most convenient solution for the newlyweds, who in this way will be able to freely dispose of the money to buy what you really need.

But how do we use this money in the best way? By purchasing low cost, of course!

Here are 10 tips for a really low cost wedding list:

There is nothing better, to save money, you buy items on offer. We are flooded throughout the year from hypermarkets flyers that advertise special themes. So before buying a washing machine, coffee maker, TV and home theater, it is worth giving a look at what is on offer in the area where you live. In short, if you can have a good washing machine saving 200 euro, maybe you can buy that set of glasses that you love so much and which is slightly over budget.

Avoid unnecessary
When you go to make a wedding list at any shop, orders tend to make you believe that everything is absolutely necessary. Now, a lot depends on the lifestyle you have, the kind of social life you lead and also the budget you have available. However, before taking a dip in the purchase of all the cooking utensils you could think of, pause to reflect on their real needs. If you frequently have dinner the Duchess of Cambridge, perhaps it is really useful to have a full-service cutlery, forks and knives, including fish. If you have more friends from pizza and beer, it might be worth opting for a service serrated knives and colored handle, more practical and less demanding. The peel eggs, poultry shears, the decanter professional sommelier may be things that do not really need, an expense that can save you the benefit of the most useful things and practices.

Nothing enthusiasm by neo-wife
I turn for a second to the Novels brides. Do not get caught from the exciting and romantic idea of ​​laboriously prepare dinners from your loving hands to the freshly wed groom and avoid head off on impulse buying as: the bread machine, the pasta machine, the machine, fondue set, the fryer , etc.. Unless you’re really girls who spend their Sunday morning to knead and cook, you might just find yourself in the house invaded by bulky contraptions that you do not know even turn on.

Large Deployments
Try to take advantage of the large deployments for your purchases. Large chain of home appliances and household items you can often find very competitive prices, which is difficult to find elsewhere. If you have no special claims of hand-painted ceramics (remember that most ceramics are delicate and precious and you can not put them in the dishwasher), in department stores and be able to find everything you might need and affordable rates.

No to the latest cutting edge technology
Here I speak especially to neo-husbands, who are usually only interested in the ski tv / stereo / home theater. Buy the latest model of TV is fascinating, but also very expensive. From practical woman that I am, and so perhaps simplistic, I say that a tv is a tv and that the important thing is that it works and that will last over time. I understand that there are a myriad of models, brands and many shades technological why some are better performing tv / sharp / etc than others. However, I am of the opinion that the model just previous act equally to the purpose for which the purchased and that the money saved will help you to purchase something more. If the purchase of the model just passed does not convince you and you’re still willing to spend € 500 more to get the latest model, you think that after 6 months also your model will be obsolete and thus its price will be drastically reduced by half.

Spend part of the gifts for the home
If you have purchased the house and you also have a mortgage to pay, it would not be a bad idea to allocate part of the gift of Wedding coverage, even partial, of the debt. These days having your mortgage can make the difference between survival and failure, so especially if you have an adjustable rate mortgage, able to partially extinguish the debt can be very beneficial in terms of rate and interest.

If you have not done a wedding list at a travel agency, you can use part of the money for your honeymoon. If you avoid tour operators and organized the trip online and on their own, certainly be able to save a little. There are sites that operate a system of booking of hostels and bed & breakfasts around the world, through which you will be able to book a room at the sea in Santo Domingo for less than 50 € per night. This means that the major cost will be only the flight, but you can afford a honeymoon dream spending half of what you would have spent at a travel agency.

When you need to set up house there is only need for plates, cutlery and washing machine, but also of furniture. A useful idea is to spend some of the money received to buy even the furniture. A low cost decor is possible, just take a trip to offers, always present, even complete furnishings. And if this were not enough, there is always Ikea.

The outlets are a novelty in recent years, will rise everywhere and it is not difficult to find one close to targeted acquisitions. For example, for small appliances in the outlet you can find a wide choice at discounted prices at least 30%. So go-ahead for espresso coffee makers, microwaves and cookware varied. The savings will be substantial and excellent quality.

Not all at once
The last tip we want to give you is not to rush. You do not need everything at once and a love nest built brick by brick gives more satisfaction of a pre-packaged and unchanging over time. So initially focus your attention on the pieces really strong and essential, such as service plates / cutlery / glasses for every day and a battery of standard pots. The rest you can always buy it in time, waiting for the best opportunity, or if you’re like me seeking empathy, triggered when the thunderbolt with the item you are looking for. Just remember to keep that money aside, do not spend it for grocery shopping, paying bills or go for a pizza, because then you will find that when you dreamed of tea, perfectly styled with your home, it would be sad to find out that you no longer have the money for the gift.