5 Factors That Set Apart Trendy Carrier Bags From Tacky Ones

Carrier bags that you hand your customers do more than just carry their things. When you hand your customers a carrier bag you are handing them the image of your business. Carrier bags say a lot about a business. In a world where there is an ongoing battle against plastic bags cotton printed bags for shops are the best. If you send your customers off with your products in a plastic bag then it stands to spoil the image of your business.

For the betterment of your business as well as the environment you should switch to fabric carrier bags. Fabric bags can be free promotion for your business. When your customer walks around town with your business’ carrier bags, your business gets promoted. To make sure that your carrier bag is used more by your customers you need to make them look good.


The colour you choose for the bag can set your bag apart from others. Instead of choosing one colour you might choose to get bags in different colours. Sticking to a single colour is best for carrier bags. When you make the bag too colourful it becomes too tacky. Stick to classy colours or eye-catching colours depending on the kind of customers you want to attract to your store.


Without the logo of your business handing out bags are worthless for your business. Colourful company logos should be printed on basic coloured bags. Coloured logos look good on either white, brown or black bags. Colourless logos can be printed in white or black on any colour bag that you want. The colour of the bag needs to complement the design and colour of your business’ logo. The size of the logo should also be appropriate. The logo needs to be big enough to be seen but not so big that it makes the bag look garish.


Apart from the logo and the colour, you can choose to get other things printed on the bag as well. To make your bag more desirable you can customise them. For a bookstore, having carrier bags with images and quotes of authors make the bags more desirable. So, sync the unique design of your bad to what your business stands for.


Different kinds of fabric bags are available. The kind of fabric used to make the bag can set the price of the bag. From jute to cotton printed bags for shops you can get a variety of options when it comes to the material of the bag. Buy the fabric bag that suits your budget. The good quality fabric is always more preferred by customers.


The main reason behind spending a little more on good quality fabric is to get a more durable bag. Better quality fabric lasts longer. Longer the bag lasts the more use your customer gets out of it. Longer the bag lasts longer it is seen around town.

Choose your carrier bad design carefully. A tacky bag gives off the wrong message to ensure your bag is appealing to the customers. Fight the war against plastic with fabric carrier bags.