8 Things You Should Always Dry Clean

Laundry can be confusing at times because we have to make a decision about every single item of clothing we have. We must decide whether to wash items in cold, warm or hot water and if we should put them in the dryer and on what setting. Another consideration that can cause a bit of contemplation is when to take your clothing to the dry cleaners. Though it is an expense people often try to avoid not caring for your clothes properly actually costs you more in the long run.

Reading labels is always suggested as clothing manufacturers give advice on how best to care for the pieces you buy from them. While we often choose to bypass these instructions and instead wash them ourselves at home this can damage or wear them out much faster. In Vancouver, you will find a Kitsilano dry cleaner to help you to ensure the longest life in all your clothing items needing dry cleaning. Here is a guide to help you figure out what needs this service.

Business Attire

While not every single piece of your business wardrobe needs to be dry cleaned it is definitely more convenient to take most of it in. Of course suits should be dry cleaned when spot cleaning does not work or if you have worn them for a long time without washing. Also consider dry cleaning all your business suits as they will come back to you starched, clean and professionally pressed. Dry cleaning is great for business wear.

Suede and Leather

Though you may be tempted to save yourself the cost of dry cleaning leather or suede it is never advisable to wash these kinds of articles at home. If you choose to there is a risk of cracks in the fabric and you may also find yourself with a smaller jacket or pair of pants due to shrinkage. If you have a favourite piece of leather clothing that needs some TLC always go the dry cleaning route as the alternative is less than ideal.

Wedding and Prom Dresses

Most dry cleaning companies specialize in cleaning and preserving precious items such as bridal gowns and graduation dresses. They remove any stains or marks on the fabric and make sure they are in pristine condition so you can store them away without any worries. Do not wait to take them into the dry cleaner as it is always advisable to get gowns washed before any stains can set making them more difficult to remove.

Embellished Items

Nothing destroys an embellished clothing item like a traditional home washer and dryer. Even if you do not use a dryer putting any clothing with beads, sequins, feathers or metal studs into a washing machine will cause damage over time. It is possible to wash them by hand but this will not provide a deep clean and they may not air dry in a way to maintains the shape. Always use a dry cleaner to wash these styles.

Pleated Clothing

If you have items in your closet that have pleating in them like a lot of dress pants it is the best choice to take them to the dry cleaner for washing. Not only are most pleated clothing items made from fabric that needs to be professionally cleaned having someone who is experienced in re-pleating means your clothes will look crisp and clean when you wear them.

Anything Lined

When pieces of clothing have a lining in them whether it be a jacket, dress, skirt or blazer it is always necessary to have them dry cleaned as washing them any other way will cause them to be damaged so that they no longer fit or hang properly. Also, lining material tends to be more delicate so it may tear easily if machine washed.

Fragile and Delicate materials

It may be tempting to wash more delicate clothing items in your washing machine on the delicate cycle and hope for the best. While you may get away with this for a while it will cause the fabric to break down over time. Taking clothes made fragile or delicate material to the dry cleaner is always suggested.


Though fur may not be as popular as it once was some of us may have clothing with some on it and the only way to deal with washing it is to bring it to a professional dry cleaner. Exposing it to water will make it dry out and become brittle so dry clean only for this item.