Acquisition Longview Corp. Advertises Separate Equity Exchange

Longview Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: LGVW.WS at (the “Company”) has announced that holders of Class A common stock and redeemable guarantees contained in these units will nominate, beginning on 13 July 2020, holders of 41.400.000 units in the Company’s initial public offer, to independently exchange their shares. 

Units without any distinction will be traded on the Bond of New York (“NYSE”) under the “LGVW.U,” symbol and the shares of class A shares and divided redeemable warrants trading on NYSE under the “LGVW” and “LGVW WS,” symbols, respectively. These types of securities are separated. Since division of the units, no fractional warrants are issued and only whole warrants are traded.

In order to divide the units into shares of Class A common stock and redeemable guarantees, the unit holders would need to contact the Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company, the Company’s transfer agent. Initially the units were offered in a written proposal by the firm. The book-level managers for the bid have been the Cowen and Firm, LLC and UBS Securities LLC. On 20 May 2020, registration statements for the units and the underlying shares come into force.

About Acquisition Longview Corp.

Special purpose investment vehicle created by a Glenview Capital Management, LLC subsidiary. Longview Acquisition Corp. (“Glenview”). If in market, industry, sector or geographical place, the Organization may follow an initial business mix, it aims to concentrate on the sectors that complement the sponsor’s history with a special emphasis on the medical sector. They include wellness, manufacturing, customer, advertising, information and services technology.

Glenview, a licensed investment advisor with expertise in acquisitions and a record of value-creating by establishing relationships with publicly listed firms(NYSE: LGVW.WS). intends to concentrate on private companies in which, with the help of the Board, management will develop a strategy for creating value for publicly held owners of the Company.

Future-looking declarations

In the context of Section 27A of the Securities Act, 1933, amended and Section 21E, of the Securities Exchange Act, 1934 as amended, the press release will contain “forward-looking statements”.

Any references of NYSE: LGVW.WS other than historical evidence are forward-looking statements in this press release. If terms such as “anticipated,” “believed,” “estimated,” “expected,””intended” or equivalent in this press release are used, such as “try to predict,” “think,” “guesstimate,” “expect.” 

These forward-looking statements are focused on the expectations of the business management and on the knowledge the managers of the organization currently has. The actual effects could be materially different from those envisaged in the future statements because of certain factors detailed in the company’s Stock and Exchange reports.

There are various requirements for or-oriented statement, all of which are outside the scope of the Firm, including those laid down in the Risk Considerations portion of the Company’s statement of incorporation and the prospectus related to the Company’s first public offer submitted with the SEC. You can check other stocks like NYSE: AMC at before investing.