Australia New Destination For Immigrants

Australia is now one of the top immigration country in the world. Lots of people from different country wants to immigrate to Australia. Australia offers lots of opportunity of the new migrated people in the country. There are lots of different visa already present in Australia Like- Skilled Migrated Visa, Study visa, Business Visa etc. High payment, cultural mixture, top class cities, High class living lifestyle for that reason people will attract from other countries to immigrate to Australia.

Permanent VISA:

  1. You can work in live easily in Australia.
  2. Once you spend some years in Australia with PR Visa. You can apply for Permanent Residency.
  3. In initial 5 years you are allowed to enter and exit from Australia frequently. After that process will be renewed.
  4. Like Australian citizen, permanent residents will enjoy many things.
  5. Your relative can come in Australia to visit. For that there some criteria which you need to be fulfilled.
  6. You can apply for Australian consular assistance overseas, when you have permanent residence ship.
  7. You can travel neighbor country like New Zeeland to work or travel. For that you need to get the approval from New Zeeland Government.
  8. If your child will birth in Australia, they will be avail all the facilities like an Australian Citizen.

Why Australia is one of the most desired destination for many Immigrants:

  1. Australia rank 12th largest economy of the world.
  2. There is fantastic scenic beauty, awesome monuments, beautiful landscape are present in Australia. For that reason, many people from all over the world are attracted to go Australia.
  3. In Australia, government is very transparent and leadership skill is very high.
  4. There are many beautiful cities like –Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Canberra, Uluru etc.
  5. Living lifestyle and standard is very high in Australia.
  6. In Australia, there are many cultural diversity, secular society, people are very cooperative in Australia.
  7. In Australia there are many boutique hotels, apartment, luxury resorts are present for accommodation.

Australia is top most destination for many students:

  1. Australia offers variety of academic and technical course for students.
  2. They have top class education system.
  3. They have smooth running visa procedure for students.
  4. Students got medical and hospital facility in Australia.
  5. They have top 50 universities in various domain.
  6. They have world class of students based on diversity.
  7. Australia is the third largest destination in all over the world.
  8. After course completion students get facility to work unlimited hours in Australia.

Why people want to work in Australia:

Australia has high employment rate, better work culture for that reason people are want to go to Australia for work. Immigration consultants in Australia help a lot in the processing.

There are two types of Visa’s available in Australia to work.

  1. Skilled Visa.
  2. Sponsored Visa.

What is the cost:

The cost depends upon what types of visa you are applying and there are other factors also responsible. The processing time for Australian visa depends upon the other factors also that what types of visa you are applying. It is usually take 6-12 months for processing through immigration companies in Australia.

People will go in Australia for lessor also. The age between 18-30 years’ people can go to Australia for work.

In 2017-2018 Australia has declared that the new skill occupation list for the immigrants. It will be effective from July 1st 2017.