Get Some Smart Tips To Find The Best From Accessible Hotel Listings

Are you planning to organize a holiday vacation? By far one of the most difficult and important decision for that is to chose the best resorts in Manali. Moreover, this decision becomes even more challenging if you are yourself or have a family member who is disabled. The number of accessible hotels all over the world is surely increasing at a rapid pace but, the tricky part is to ensure that you chose the most accessible hotel that will best suit the needs of your loved one with wheelchair needs. To add it up, the internet has contributed in this case as well. More and more specialized websites are coming up that aims to provide you with the best accessible hotel listings. The accessible hotels are listed by grading systems that rate these hotels depending on the level of mobility that they offer. These community-based hotel booking online platforms for vacations come across as a blessing to individuals with physical disabilities.

Simple tips to find the perfect option out of accessible hotel listings

Research and narrow down the list

As you know that now there are plenty of travels booking sites that are categorically focused on wheel-chair accessibility, narrowing down the list is easy. But, to get the best list you must access the accessible hotel booking sites that gives you the facility of advanced search options. This crucial when you want to chose very specific holiday accommodations that will suffice your needs and also provide the required amenities. Advance search options help in funneling down the list that further help in choosing the best among the most viable lodging options. There are many who also look for availability of amenities like hotel restaurants, pet accommodations etc apart from mobility access.

Directly contacting the hotel would be wise

A few FAQ’s will assure the disabled traveler whether a hotel is fully-equipped to serve their needs or not. The following questions may help:

  • The first question to shoot is whether they offer special disability services or not. The explanation from their end will determine their desires and facilities available to help disabled travelers.
  • What is the floor location of the accessible rooms? It is crucial to have them either on the ground or first floor, in case of any hassles in the elevator service.
  • Do the rooms accommodate the ADA guidelines? Enquiring about the ADA compliance of the hotel rooms is vital. (The answer is usually a Yes.)
  • Are wheel-chair accessible shuttles easily available to visit the nearby tourist spots?
  • Is the bed at the right height to be accessed by people on wheelchairs? Comfirm the bed height to easily get onto the bed without any outside help.
  • What about the parking facilities? You must ask whether the hotel provides handicap parking. If the answer is a yes, go on to understand the maximum allotment of parking space for the disabled/room.

Listen to find clues between the lines

Being a disabled traveler you must listen between the lines in order to better understand whether the hotel cares to assist people with physical disabilities and has appropriate facilities and help for the same. If the concerned staff knows about ADA requirement, high chances are that the hotel frequently serves disabled travelers.