Scott Beale Aviation Highlights On Career Prospect In Aviation Industry

According to labor statistics declared by U.S Department of labor Bureau recently, about thirty percent of air transportation employment comprises Flight crewmembers, which include pilots and flight attendants. With the recovery of Airlines Industry from the effect of 9/11, more airline jobs are predicted to be available. It is also reported that the demand for qualified applicants is increasing in equal speed. Following are the type of airline jobs that are expected:

Flight Attendant post

According to Scott Beale Aviation, their sole and prime responsibility is to ensure that passengers are safe. They must provide best customer service. Flight attendants comprise almost twenty-five percent of about 500,000 employees that comprise the aviation workforce. The main responsibility of Flight attendant is Passenger safety.

Vacancy Airline Administration service

Administrative support staff are recruited by Airlines to keep the office running properly. These include the posts of secretaries, data entry operators, receptionists, public relation and communications experts and many other staffs

Operations staffs

Communication skill is most essential for receiving and transmit ion of information amongst pilots, ground crew, and other personnel. They must be able to accomplice a large number of projects and tasks. When flights are overbooked, agents must make decisions tactfully to manage the situation.

Airlines Technicians

Technicians are expert on the electronics systems of aircraft. Job includes troubleshooting, installing avionic equipment, repairing, and replacing.

Sales Manager

District sales manager oversees all reservations, ticket sales offices, and the representatives of sales of that district. Sales representatives promote Airlines sale.


Dispatchers of flights are responsible for ensuring the safety of the flight. This includes preparing a flight plan, destinations schedule in detail, layovers, distance, expected fuel consumption, winds aloft, weather, altitude, compass bearing, and alternate destinations if necessary.

Station Attendant at Ground and Airport

This position has multiple names such as special assistant coordinator, airline informational representative, etc. Regardless of title, the main responsibility is to assist passengers in the terminal replying queries regarding terminal services, directions, etc.


They inform weather information to airline flight dispatchers and pilots. They must be able to forecasted weather conditions for all altitudes, including wind speed, wind direction and, cloud cover, and precipitation.

Service Agent for passengers

Service Agent for passengers have similar responsibilities like station agent, but they are focused on passengers only instead of aircraft.

Ramp Planner

According to Scott Beale Aviation, ramp planner is responsible for knowing the arrival and departure times for each of the airline’s aircraft at that airport. He or she coordinates amongst the variety of departments.

Sales Representative

The responsibility of sales representatives involves primarily to promote businesses and also help to generate business for their airline’s company.

Schedule Coordinator of Crews

Schedule coordinator is responsible for staffing of aircrew and ground support to keep flights on schedule. In case of delay in flight, it is the responsibility of crew scheduler has to make sure that necessary adjustments are arranged accordingly.

Station Agent

They ensure overall operations of a given airline at an airport. This comprises both flight, ground support operations, and involves flight crew coordination, cargo crew coordination, and ground crew. Station agent is responsible to communicate to all staffs as stated above.