Easy Ways To Keep Epoxy Coated Floors Looking New For Long

Subjecting the floors in your place of business to epoxy coating is one of the most efficient and effective ways to increase the life of the floor. It is also a simple way to increase the overall aesthetics of your commercial property.

However, you would need to follow the tips mentioned below to make sure that the epoxy coated floors in your office; workshop, or garage remain to look new for long. 

Take steps to keep your epoxy coated floors from damage

Epoxy is one of the most durable materials made exclusively for commercial floors but it is best to keep in mind that the coating is not resistant to severe damages.

This is the reason why make sure that all equipment and pieces of furniture are equipped with soft pads under their stands. In this way, you will be keeping the commercial epoxy flooring in your place of business safe from permanent damages.

Always subject the epoxy coated floor to periodic maintenance

Epoxy coated floors also need periodic maintenance from your end to keep shining and appealing to your workforce as well as clients.

This is the reason why you should take measures such as – 

  • Soaking up spilled liquids on the epoxy floor with blotting paper or rags.
  • Removing dry debris, metal shavings, dust, and the likes with an industrial-grade vacuum.

Following the steps mentioned above will allow you to make sure that the epoxy coated floor in your place of business witnesses an increase in its operational life.

Don’t leave tough stains on the floor for long

As mentioned earlier, epoxy coated floors are meant for commercial spaces. This is the reason why it is natural for the floor to be often subjected to accidental spills of substances like engine oil. In case this incident has occurred recently, avoid procrastination and take care of the spill as soon as you can.

All you would need to do is clean the area around the spill then create a mixture of water and ammonia. Then pour it on the site of the spill and then keep it for some time. After a few hours or a day, dip an industrial-grade mop (hard foam) with water and use the same to mop away the mixture along with the stain.

Avoid using any other cleaning mixture other than the aforementioned water-ammonia solution. On top of this, you should also avoid using hard scrubbing pads or steel wool to clean a stain from an epoxy coated commercial floor.

Remember the above information and it will be enough to keep the epoxy coated floor lasting long without harming it.

Apart from following the tips mentioned in the sections above, you can also keep another simple tip in your mind. Whenever you witness that the epoxy coated floor in your place of business is showing signs of wear, hail a professional team that is proficient in taking care of all the requirements of a commercial epoxy coated floor. Seeking assistance from a revered team of professionals will not only help you save yourself from unnecessary expenses but at the same time, it will also keep your business running without a hiccup. How? Well, professionals can fix the epoxy coated floor in your place of business without compelling you to put your daily business operations on hold. For more details in this matter, get in touch with a revered company that offers services for commercial epoxy coated floors today!