Seek The Services Of Carpet Cleaners For A Clean And Healthy Environment

Hot water extraction cleaning is the smartest way to get a clean and shining look for carpets at home or office. Carpet cleaning is not an easy task when it covers a large floor surface (and cannot be taken somewhere else for the clean-up job). At this juncture, hot water is the only way out to remove dirt, stains and germs.

Professional Haywards Heath hot water extraction cleaning carpet experts have an excellent track record of cleaning services. The methods and equipment used by them are technologically advanced.

Why Carpet Cleaning is required?

Commercial and residential carpets required to be cleaned at regular intervals to make them appear new.

  • It is the quickest and cheapest way to bring back the original shine and glamour of carpets.
  • Ideal for extending life and endurance of carpets
  • An instant removal of dirt and mites
  • Perfect stain remover
  • Maintaining room hygiene

Hiring highly trained and qualified flooring and carpet cleaners should be the topmost priority to make the home a safe and secure place to live, free from pollutants and toxic substances.  

How Hot Water Helps to Extract Grime and Germs?

Hot water extraction technology using chemicals is ideal for cleaning carpets and upholstery which are not water-sensitive. The method includes soaking the carpet with detergent for about 10 to 15 minutes. This helps in the separation of dirt and grime from the upper layer of the carpet.

The chemical is pre-sprayed on the carpet surface with an alkaline agent (with pH over 7). The cleaner manually agitates the dirty spots with a hand brush in a light manner, followed by soaking out the pre-conditioner with an acetic acid solution (this helps in lowering down the pH level of the fibres and bringing it back to neutral state). Extraction cleaning machine rinses out the dirty carpet to keep it dry. Cleaners take utmost care to rinse thoroughly because any amount of detergent left behind is sure to attract dirt and grime in no time.

This technology is also known as steam cleaning even though actual steam is not involved in the procedure. Hot water cleaning is best for driving away bacteria and allergens. Use of non-toxic chemical as pre-conditioner is human-friendly and pet-friendly.

Is there Any Other Method to Clean?

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Rotowash method is also popular amongst professional cleaning service men. It can give a clean look to carpets and hard floors within minutes by using contra-rotating brushes contained in a sturdy aluminium unit having separate tanks for dirty and clean water.  

Ozone cleaning is another method to keep carpets clean. In this method anti-microbial agent is added to the carpet surface, after deep cleaning, to give it safeguard against the growth of microbes, allergens, mildew, yeast and mould.

Emergency Carpet Cleaning

Emergency carpet cleaning is required when there is an accidental spillover of food, drink and juice. Vomit and pet urine are other hazards for carpets.

Haywards Heath hot water extraction cleaning experts can extend their help to address such emergency spillages. They have a friendly disposition and you would like to avail their service for the next carpet cleaning session.