Tips On Buying A Home In A New Town Or City

Whether moving to a new region because of a job promotion, retirement or just being closer to friends and family, buying a home in an area comes with its own unique set of challenges. While it is exciting to think about relocating and starting fresh in a different town or city it can also be overwhelming. Being proactive and organized helps make it a successful endeavour so planning ahead is a key factor in a stress-free move.

The Penticton real estate market in the sunny Okanagan Valley is a great place to call home. If you are considering a long distance move it is worth checking out. It may seem like a lot of work, but there are things to do in order to make buying a home and moving easier and more enjoyable. Doing some research and being educated is a good first step. Here are some tips to follow to help with planning a long-distance move.

Become Familiar With the Housing Market

Contacting a realtor and setting things in motion is the perfect way to start this journey but spending time getting to know the market as well is smart. Go to local real estate websites to see what is available, what houses are selling for and what is in your price range. Check out areas that look suitable. This way you will be more knowledgeable when speaking with the realtor and knowing what to expect when house hunting.

Create a Budget

Spend some time going over finances to figure out what to comfortably spend on a new home. Remember to also factor in moving expenses. It is going to be more expensive to relocate to a new region so adding these costs to the budget gives a better idea of how much the move will be once all is said and done. Let the realtor know your bottom line moving forward so they know which houses and areas to focus the house search on.

Take a Trip

If know the new city or town you are relocating to then this step may be unnecessary. If it is unfamiliar however it is a good idea to use some vacation time spending a few days getting to know the place a bit better. Become familiar with the neighbourhoods and decide which areas best suit your needs. Check out the local shops and restaurants and choose whether walkability and convenience is a must. This narrows the search areas.

Consider Renting First

Though it may seem like the ideal choice to purchase a home to move into right away think about renting before making the investment. Buying a home in a new city is a big purchase and it is not only committing to a house but also to a community. You may initially fall in love with one area but get to know it and end up wishing for a move to a different one. Many realtors deal with rentals as well so they could help with both.

Research Realtors in the Area

Word of mouth is a great way to find a reputable and professional realtor but when moving to a new place you likely won’t know a lot of people. If relocating for a job ask the new boss and coworkers. They might know of a great experienced agent to help find the perfect home. If this is not an option spend some time online reading reviews. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone and interview realtors before deciding who to go with.

Choose a Housing Style

Before talking to a realtor contemplate the kind of residence you want to live in. Moving with a family likely means a house with a yard is important but if single a condominium in the downtown core may be more the right speed. Knowing the neighbourhoods you are interested is important here as not all areas have affordable detached houses or condo style properties. Know what you want before house hunting to pinpoint the hunt.

Services and Amenities

For many potential buyers walkability is number one on the list while for others a large home with a big back yard is most important and a commute is not an issue. When researching areas and neighbourhoods be sure to check out the nearby shops and amenities. If you have children look into schools and services geared toward kids. Singles may be more interested in amenities like gyms, bars, restaurants and cafes.