Experience The Benefits Of Laminating With The Matrix 530 Laminator

Laminators that come from the Matrix brand are the best value laminators known for their exclusive features and their versatility. They have the capability of doing laminating jobs right from start to finish. One such product is the Matrix 530 laminator that is perfectly suited for both litho and digital output. Available in a 19.6 inches and 13 inches widths, this is the best value single-sided laminator available in the market at present. The product comes with an exclusive programmable overlap and sheet register, making it easier to deliver laminated work without overhang issues and prepared for the next finishing procedures or the paper cutter.

Most Exclusive Printing Feature Of The 530 DP Laminator

The 530 DP single or double-sided laminator from Matrix is sure to halve your manufacture time by laminating two of the sides of a sheet at the same time. This all new Matrix 530 laminator is one of the most profitable systems allowing users to encapsulate all their laminating jobs in house. Changing rolls while using this product is just a matter of few minutes regardless of the fact that whether you are matting the back or glossing the front or making use of an anti-scratch film on both the sides of the print. Another noteworthy feature of this product is that it comes with superior quality components such as Schneider electrics, Omron Switches and Bambi compressors.

Features That Make The Matrix 530 Perfect For Businesses

If you are in the look out of a laminator that will help you in experiencing the power of lucrative laminating while going beyond the digital printing experience then you must definitely get the Matrix 530 laminator. Some of the most exclusive features of this product include:

  • High-speed performance– The product has the ability to operate double the speed of the standard laminating systems. Users can carry out their laminating jobs faster enabling the provision of more customers.
  • Laminates up to SRA2 with a maximum width of 440mm
  • The Pneumatic pressure rollers give users the flexibility of laminating substrates up to 50% faster. This helps in saving both money and time.
  • The setup time for the product is also very quick.
  • Semi-automatic feeder
  • Perfect for conventional digital and offset prints
  • The laminator comes with an in-built separator
  • Side lays of the laminator ensure the central feeding of prints
  • Automatic overlap system and sheet register through front guards
  • Control panel of the product can be used very easily
  • Anti-curl technology

The 530 DP laminator from Matrix is good to be used in commercial printing, digital printing and in print and copy stores. This laminator is perfectly best for menus, business cards, flyers, brochures and book covers.

Perfectly suited for manufacturing folders, business cards and brochures that require laminating in matt and gloss finish, this product offers complete value for money. It is one of the most cost effective systems of creating good quality prints and laminates without spending a huge amount of money. The Matrix 530 laminator can help businesses in increasing their services while cutting down on their expenditures.