How Big Brands Market By Their Drink Labels?

Whenever one visits a department store’s drinks section, they can see drinks from different brands trying to catch their attention.Some of the sports drinks, for instance, are meant to enhance the sportspersons’ performance while others are consumed for just refreshment and fun.Several players compete with each other in the drink market but their marketing strategy plays an important role in their sales figures.

Big brands are aware of the fact that the design of their labels is a top priority.After all, a label is the first thing on the product that can catch the attention of their prospective customers.Nicely designed labels can also influence the consumers to choose a particular drink.Famous brands make sure that the labels for their drinks are not generic or baffling.They also know that the labels promote the attribute for their brand.These brands realize that customers can switch over to their competitors if they do not like the packaging and labeling.

Here are the strategies of some of the big brands for marketing their drink lab


You will observe that they create fluorescent-colored drinks.Also, each label is matched with the color of its associated drink.Flavors such as Green Apple use self-explanatory labels.However,there are creative flavors such as Glacier trigger emotions of refreshment, risk, and adventure.The brand uses a white-colored “G” on its label rather than using its full brand name.This way, the brand has saved space on its labels, as well as, makes it feel iconic.The customers just have to see this one alphabet to realize that Gatorade has manufactured this drink.The visual branding of the company has undergone several changes.The visual branding of this drinks company has transformed several times.The company has been adding new products from time to time and has experimented with labels, grips, and shapes of its bottles. 

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola has been always associated with innovative marketing campaigns including its drink labels strategy.For instance, the “Share a Coke” marketing campaign had on its labels common names such as “Sarah” and “John”.These labels motivated customers to share their drinks with a friend who has that name.The strategy went viral on social media and customers took photographs with their Coke bottles.After all, it was a delightful personalized experience to pose with the bottle of their favorite drink that had their names on it. 

Both Pepsi, as well as, Coca-Cola have altered their labels and logos several times over the passing years.However, it has been noted that the logo of Coca-Cola has been quite similar to the logo in the 1900s.Big brands are aware that the labels play an important role to market their drinks and it can make or break their market share.