Interesting Fun Facts About Roulette

Live Roulette is an interesting gaming show introduced in June 2005. Designed by Adrian Ham, Live Roulette was first telecast under the name of Vegas 24/7 on Sky Channel 274. The interactive gaming show was an experiment to check if it had chances of winning an audience on television. Initially broadcasted between 6 pm to 2 am, the timings of the show were extended from 2 am to 4 am later. After garnering success from the masses, Live Roulette introduced their website which allowed the players to enjoy the game on an online platform. If you are not aware of the game, Play Online Roulette Live and you will know what I am trying to explain.

If you have been a regular at Play Online Roulette Live, you will know some of the funny facts about the gaming show such as:

  • The first Roulette wheel was designed but not for the purpose of gaming. The French mathematician Blaise Pascal devised the wheel with an aim to create a machine that could stay in motion continuously.
  • The original roulette wheel had two ‘0’ pockets and was used in casinos which is why the game was termed as ‘The King of Casinos’. However the team of Francois and Louis Blanc added the single ‘0’ pocket to get more attention from people interested in gambling to their Hamburg casino by way of offering superior odds. This also paved way for other games such as BlackJacks and Craps.
  • The game gets its nickname of ‘The Devil’s Game’ from the fact that when you add all the numbers on the wheel it sums to 666. This is a game that depends on chance more than strategy. Hence the funny yet spooky effect of any force trying to go against your move is always on the mind.
  • Going through the old music records you will know that the song of ‘The Man who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo’ was based on a real person – Charles Jagger. Jagger was an engineer who continually worked by watching a single roulette wheel and analyzed through hundreds of spins that the wheel was displaying biased results. In fact he used this logic to win $4,00,000 (within a week) in 1873
  • Another winning entry at the Roulette Table will also include the name of Ashley Revell. Revell a British gambler apparently sold all his belongings and bet the entire savings of his life on the colour red. At first he wanted to bet the entire amount of $1,35,000 on black but the requests from his hometown made him change his mind and indeed gave way to a new record. He doubled his money and filled his pockets with $2,70,600.

If you have already caught the bug of the game, go Play Online Roulette Live. The game has now been renamed as and still manages to speculate great attention for its live dealer games that comprises of various forms of roulette and blackjack. Channel 5, Super Casino and Open Access 3 are the channels to surf if you wish to get the fun filled experience of Live Roulette.