Transform Your Passion As You Desire

“If you ever feared that you’re caught in a slouch in terms of personal happiness as well as where your life is heading, it’s time you reevaluated your priorities and the way you’re living.
• To achieve joy and true fulfillment in life, it is significant to live each day with passion, desire and purpose.”

Visualize your dreams

“Vividly picture the dreams becoming reality.
• Never picture the rut that you’re presently stuck-in, and instead keep focusing on what you really want, such as supportive and strong relationships with friends and family, clean bill of health, comfortable home environment or a successful career.
• Take a moment to make collage of photographs and words that speaks something to you. Make this your vision board; place it in a visible place where you will be seeing it every day; it serves as an aide memoire of what you really need to focus on.”

Transform Your Passions into Desires

“If you don’t make changes in your life, your inner desires will normally remain just that.
• Living with purpose and passion, it is essential to have something that you can work for as well as something you can work on.
• Define the tangible “wants” that you long for. Determine how you’ll go about achieving these wants.
• Setup specific goals that will serve as your milestones on this journey to success.
• Individuals with goals have a sense of purpose that’s necessary in becoming motivated.
• Defining your wants isn’t where it all stops. Turn these wants into a regular habit.
• Keep working to change the small goals into big ones.”

Avoid negativity

“It is too common to feel restricted and confined by negative ideas and influences.
• Stay away from the negative people who may try limiting you from going and achieving your dreams, goals and desires.
• Also, avoid listening to restrictions that you might have inside your mind.
• Surround yourself with the positive influence as well as people who live passionately and more purposefully.”

Keep Your Mind Open To change

“In order transform your passion as you desire, it is very crucial to be an open and adaptable person who welcomes newness and change.
• Life is always full of setbacks so in order to live with purpose, it’s important to be able to discover new ways of achieving things amid obstacles or any setbacks that you may experience.”

Have gratitude

“No matter how hard life might seem to you, everyone one of us has something that we are thankful for, whether it is career, health, loving family or good friends.
• Close every day with a feeling of thankfulness.
• Write down a few things that make you smile, or that something good you are expecting to experience in near future.”


“As you are working hard to achieve that something in life, it’s important to always acknowledge the accomplishments.
Even if they’re small things, it’s necessary to take your time to revel while on holiday. Once you have determined your eligibility with the automated system (ESTA) you can go with your family on a holiday. Take note of the progress in transforming your passion as you desire, using your energy of accomplishment in motivating you to cross the bridge to the next stage of your journey.”