Make A Translation Service In Dubai Quote And Understand The Criteria Used

With a globalization trend that can be observed around the world, it is normal for companies to be interested in translating their products, services and content and thus looking for a translation service quote from a specialized company.

Common Sense Advisory’s estimate – that the global translation market is expected to move $ 56.18 billion by 2021 – is confirmed by a greater interest from companies in crossing borders, becoming better known and increasing revenues.

If your business has such an interest, it is important to know what is taken into consideration to quote and what can raise or lower the price of the service, which can also be used in your favor to save money.

Learn everything you need to know about the subject and see what is included in the calculations of a translation company so that it can pass on a quote to its clients.

What is considered in the quotation of translation services in Dubai?

Basically, to know how much a Translation Services in Dubai is worth , you need to analyze the type of service, the languages ​​of origin and destination, the size of the content and the deadline requested by customers.

There are different types of translation services , each with its own particularity. The main ones are as follows:

Simple translation : conventional translation, performed, for example, for e-mails, websites, books, advertising pieces and descriptions of products and services, among others.

Technical translation: covers content that belongs to some areas of knowledge, such as biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, engineering, marketing, medicine, pharmacy and the like, which have specific terms that will only be understood if translated by a professional who specializes in concerned, so that the result is as faithful as possible to the original document.

Document translation: (also called public translation): Type of service requested in cases where it is necessary to maintain the legal validity of a particular original document in another country whose language is different from what the document was originally written.

The price of the translation service changes according to the specialization that the professional must have to translate a specific document. Technical translation, for example, should only be performed by someone who knows the languages ​​of origin and destination and, in addition, fully understands about that area of ​​knowledge.

Content Size

In order to understand how a translation budget is calculated , it is essential to know the size of the content to be translated. Naturally, larger content will be more expensive, due to the greater work that the translator will have to perform his function.

Although this varies according to each company, charges are usually made by standard pages, a term that was originally used for the layout of printed newspapers, but which today is also used by professional translators.


There is a popular saying that time is money, usually attributed to Benjamin Franklin. Although the origin of such a sentence is not certain, there is no doubt about its accuracy, and this also applies to the translation service quote .

If the customer is in no hurry when making a translation budget and hiring the service, the company can adjust their deadlines smoothly, which makes charging more affordable.

However, when there is an urgency, such as translating documents for immediate travel, advertisements that are almost up, or other emergencies, the value increases to compensate for the additional procedures.

Understand the criteria and know how translations are priced

After these explanations, it becomes easier to understand how a translation service is priced and to understand why they vary according to the theme, size, timeframe and languages ​​worked.

In addition, after knowing how budgets are made, it is possible to understand how much a translation service is worth , since this is a very detailed and specific process.

Whatever your need, always count on an experienced and specialized translation company . This way, you will know that the translation service quote was done correctly and that the result of your work will be the best possible.