Why Property Owners Choose Regulated Letting Agents In Ilford?

Properties are one of the best assets of all times as the value of the land and property hardly deflate. If there are no major natural calamities destroying the property or any major accidents, the land and the property value will be increasing with time. Thus, people choose to invest in properties as a safe investment vehicle but choosing the right letting agents in Ilford who will put it on rent is also an important decision to take. Normally, the agents who are involved in the process of selling off and buying properties need to be certified by the government agencies but if a letting agent is also regulated and certified, it portrays that he or she is not only prudent in his or her work but very particular about the client’s security and safety regarding the renting of the property.

Why Regulated letting agents in Ilford are not that popular?

The reason is the lower amount of fees charged by the unregulated letting agents in Ilford. The unregulated letting agents don’t have to pay any charge to the organisational body or the certification council and thus they charge low fees to get clients. But saving a little amount doesn’t make sense when the risk is compared to hiring the unregulated letting agents. They are popular just because of this one single reason but the risk of damage to the property is high when you hire them.

Benefits of hiring Regulated letting agents in Ilford

  • The first and foremost benefit of hiring a certified and regulated letting agent is that they provide high security for the money the tenants would pay to the client. The agents maintain a different account in the banks to transact in the business and annually chartered and professional accountants also audit this account for verification and better security of the clients.
  • The professionalism of the letting agents in Ilford who are regulated is noteworthy and thus you don’t have to face any delays or other issues regarding finding a proper tenant for your apartment.
  • The code of ethics which bound the letting agents who are regulated is according to the set standards and rules of the industry which everyone in this industry must follow but hardly the unregulated letting agents follows these codes.
  • If the client is not satisfied with the tenant or the property then it is the sole duty of the letting agent to solve the issues. If there are any complaints made, then that should be taken seriously and must be sorted by a deadline.
  • Another major benefit of hiring the regulated letting agents is that they are well aware of the process and legislation involved in letting a property.
  • The number and quality of the clients these letting agents have in their hand is also quite good.

Therefore, the next time when you are looking for letting agents to rent your property, always choose the regulated letting agents in Ilford.