Slay With That Glow!

Over the last few years, the parameters for identifying with the definition of beautiful have oscillated between drama and natural. But looking at the current state of affairs featuring actresses, models and normal people, it can be deduced without a speck of doubt that all the gushing revolving around the comeback of the au naturale trend has taken over the world of beauty and aesthetics. The stairs to reach the pinnacle of natural beauty has always focussed on the indispensible algorithm of the CTM. CTM refers to the procedures involved in cleansing, toning and moisturizing the face.

Most people swear by it without any second thoughts. With the au naturale trend in full swing, the demand for organic products has scaled heights. People have started to implement organic bases in their skin care routines. But despite the addition of organic products in the skin care routine, there’s an abyss that has always been left unaddressed. That is where the role of scrubbing comes into play.

Many people are still not aware of this important facet of skincare which aids in the blood circulation and removal of dead cells and product build-up on the skin. Further, scrubbing is not just limited to the skin of the face. It extends to the body as well. Scrubbing facilitates the process of cleaning of dead cells and vacates the clogged pores which is not feasible by the use of a cleanser. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a good body scrub with a base of coffee or sugar along with coconut or almond oil. One can either make or buy natural body scrubs from online market places or local markets.

Body scrubs which comprise of coffee, sugar, coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil or sea salt are considered to be the best ones due to their versatility. These ingredients when combined together in pairs act as excellent exfoliators and moisturisers. For example, the combination of coffee and coconut oil aids in the reduction of cellulite along with proper hydration of the skin. An important facet of proper scrubbing takes into consideration the application of a moisturiser and a sunscreen with a SPF 50 for deriving optimum results out of the entire procedure. This is important since post-scrubbing; the skin is vulnerable to sunlight, thereby increasing the risk of tanning. Scrubbing should be limited to twice a week since frequent usage of scrubs can deteriorate the quality of the skin. But once all the steps are wisely incorporated, the resultant glassy sheen on the skin is unavoidable.

Another imperative of scrubbing is the dry brushing of the skin in systemic strokes. This increases the blood flow, thereby imparting a rosy glow. It is essential to use a natural bristle brush for the same. The dry brushing technique should always be followed by the application of an organic cleanser and a fresh body scrub. Scrubbing paired with the dry brushing technique yields phenomenal results in improving the quality of the skin. So, in order to get on the au naturale wagon, following these techniques religiously is indisputable.