The Life Of Maria Theresa: Everything You Should Know

In the history of Spain, there are so many legendary and mythological characters that have always aroused the curiosity of the targeted audiences to explore their life deeply and thoroughly. One such character is Maria Theresa of Spain. Believed to be a princess of the Spanish Empire during the 17th century, she became the Queen of France following her marriage to Louis XIV, the king of France. As per ancient texts, she was faithful and devoted wife with great patience and an intensely protective mother. Let us discuss the important aspects of her life and personality in the current content. 

A sad and lonely childhood 

Born in Spain in September 1638, Maria Theresa’s lost her mother when she was just six years old. Unfortunately, her elder brother also left her for a good two years her mother’s death. It made the little princess feel totally lonely. Her childhood was quite sad.  

Effect of French and Spanish war on Maria Theresa’s future 

The fight that continued between Spain and France due to their support to different parties Catholics and Protestants respectively has something to do with the future of this Spanish princess. Due to the extremely long period of thirty years of this war, both the countries became fed up of it and wished to have peace in their respective countries. 

Maria Theresa’s marriage to Louis XIV

To secure peace amidst the two countries and the respective royal families, the Treaty of the Pyrenees was signed. It demanded marriage amidst the Louis XIV of France and a Spanish princess. Astonishingly, both of them were close cousins. This marriage resulted in renouncement of all the claims of Maria over the Spanish throne before her marriage. Finally, Maria Theresa and Louis XIV got married in 1660. 

The bitter part of Maria Theresa’s Marriage 

Sometime after the marriage, the French King started having affairs with other women. Since Maria was an immature and fearful girl, therefore, she silently accepted all this. In fact, she got closer to her mother-in-law and religion. Both the ladies shared a similar ideology and religious faith. 

The Mysterious Baby Of Maria Theresa

Maria Theresa is believed to give birth to an illicit baby that has dark purplish skin. It was due to some health caused by the unavailability of sufficient amount of oxygen. Hence, the baby soon died following birth. 

Maria Theresa- The Protective Mother 

Since Maria had little interest in politics, therefore, she paid more attention to the good upbringing of her children. 


Maria is known to introduce chocolate to France. 


The royal lady died in the year 1683 due to illness following her return from a tour. 

This was all about the interesting facts related to the life of Maria Theresa.