Ultimate Activities To Make Your Corporate Event Exciting

Gone are those days when corporate events mean monotonous lecture, some food and drinks, light music and formal dresses. Nowadays, the corporate event organisers are incorporating creative and exciting activities that are keeping the guests and the employees engaged and offer great team building capabilities.

Here are the activities that can surely light up a corporate event:

Hire a DJ:

For the younger crowd, DJ can be the best choice.  Loud and delightful music can get the party started. Also, adding some live performances by a jazz singer or a band can work for both the young and ageing people. Pairing dance with the music where the employees and guests can join and enjoy with each other will strengthen the relationships.

Portable golf simulator:

It’s a win-win factor for a corporate event is provided with the live experience of golf in the event. The golf simulator for events mimics the real golf experience where the participants can have the essence of playing golf in the actual course. Navigable through onscreen instructions, an event room is enough to get the crowd attracted towards the activity. The golf enthusiast guests can have some gala time with the golf simulator for events while the new curious ones can try and learn some moves interacting with each other in the room.

Create a raffle:

A raffle or a silent auction can help engage and interact in a corporate event. Fun items like trips, movie tickets, self-care stuff, wrist watches, bags, etc. can be included for which the guests have to bid. They also can be led to partake in certain activities that generate the opportunities to win exciting prizes and gift hampers. Again, delivering the invitees with memorabilia to take home as a token of love and reminder of the particular event boosts the relationship, trustworthiness, and loyalty towards the company. Overall, it is a great way to raise funds for a noble cause and make the event exciting and benefiting for the guests.

Outside activity:

Thrilling outside activities like getting the entire corporate team together to make a short film, or to work together to get a fantasy murder mystery solved, games like solving puzzles and get a way out from a locked room, etc. Works wonder as these ventures are really exciting and a great way of team building. A visit to the museum, cultural places, art galleries are also fine for corporate events.

Set up a carnival:

A colourful event with lines of striped tents placed side by side in a row offering endless fun games, foods, drinks, etc. brings back the childhood memories. The guests can really enjoy together having fun in this kind of corporate event. Expert event organisers can give the best theme ideas and set an outstanding carnival in the office premises or a booked venue.

Try these activities and make your next corporate event exciting and memorable.