5 Ways to Shorten Recovery Time from Ejaculation

Would you like to let it go and speed up your recovery after ejaculation?

It is possible to improve resilience after ejaculation by enhancing the living environment and the nutrients ingested.

Whatever method you take, the male hormone “testosterone” is important to speed up recovery after ejaculation.

Insufficient testosterone levels tend to result in longer sage times after ejaculation and slower recovery. In other words, how to control testosterone is an important factor in healing from ejaculation.

So this time, I’ll talk about why you feel collapsed after ejaculation, why it’s related to testosterone and resilience, and how you can increase testosterone.

5 Ways to Increase lifestyle

Testosterone is closely related to recovery after erection and ejaculation, but it can be increased by daily lifestyle and exercise.

Ingest Cholesterol

The source of testosterone is cholesterol. Therefore, if you don’t get enough cholesterol, you won’t get enough testosterone.

Cholesterol is not often deficient in a regular diet, but it tends to be deficient in a vegetarian diet.

Especially those who have recently started vegetarian life need to be careful.

Cholesterol is seen in meat, dairy products, & eggs. You can also eat chicken and boiled eggs with salad, so please consider it.

Modern diets tend to be high in cholesterol. Overdose can lead to blood muddy, Cenforce 150 and Vilitra 40 treat for erectile dysfunction, and arteriosclerosis.

Therefore, you may need to reduce your intake, especially if you are not paying attention to your diet.

People who eat only vegetables should take it consciously, and those who are not particularly conscious should reduce their intake.

Moderate Training And Exercise

The amount of testosterone varies greatly between those who are exercising and those who are not.

If you feel that you lack exercise, testosterone may increase by giving priority to training and running.

Have you ever heard that doing muscle training makes you handsome?

Testosterone strengthens male hormones and tightens muscles to make your face look cool. That’s why I feel that there are many good-looking athletes.

Of course, not all are the effects of testosterone, but without training, it can make a big difference.

Try To Live A Regular Life

Do you get enough sleep in your current life?

Are you able to eat well in the morning, day, and night?

Disorders in basic lifestyles can directly interfere with testosterone secretion.

By taking a regular sleep rhythm and trying to live a stress-free life, you can create a body that is easy to secrete testosterone. It is more effective to improve the living environment in parallel with starting regular exercise.

Be aware that if your diet, sleep, stress, or exercise is out of balance, your testosterone production will quickly weaken.

Get Nutrition To Increase Testosterone

There are several nutrients that are essential for increasing testosterone. Zinc and antioxidant vitamins are especially essential.

Zinc, also known as a “mineral,” helps activate germ cells.

It is also recommended for pregnant men as an ingredient that is also effective in producing hormones. Zinc is abundant in oysters and eels, so I would like to give priority to it.

Antioxidant vitamins protect the adrenal glands from oxidation. It also activates the substances that makeup testosterone.

This basic substance is produced mainly in the adrenal glands, so be sure to take vitamins C and E, and zinc, etc., among the vitamins so that they do not oxidize.

Walking and Jogging

This time, we will introduce an exercise that anyone can start immediately and can continue without stress. I will not introduce hard muscle training or sports.

Aerobic exercises such as walking & jogging are the most effective of the less difficult exercises. Although it is a light exercise, Vilitra 60 and Vilitra 20 are very useful in improving erection and maintenance.


Testosterone and prolactin, which are significantly involved in recovery from ejaculation.

You need to increase testosterone to speed up recovery and shorten the time.

For that purpose, it is essential to improve eating habits and exercise moderately.

On the other hand, prolactin is a substance that is difficult to control. Post-ejaculation secretion is unavoidable. If “recovery after ejaculation” is important, the amount of dopamine secreted will gradually increase, and prolactin will decrease by spending more time on afterplay even if you feel collapsed.

Along with that, the feeling of collapse will disappear, and the erection will recover.

However, building a healthy erection body is paramount to speeding recovery after ejaculation.

Make sure to take total care of your body, such as proper exercise, sleep, and proper nutrition.