Artichoke – Do You Know Why To Eat It? There Are Many Reasons!

Artichoke is a very interesting perennial with positive effects on the liver and kidneys, as it can stimulate bile and urine production. Therefore, Artichoke finds application in indigestion, inflammation of the gallbladder, and much more, more information in our article…

Occurrence: Artichoke thrives in warmer areas, as it is a thermophilic plant. Its area of ​​origin is the Mediterranean. Within Europe, therefore, it thrives mainly in the south.

Description and active substances: it is a perennial with a stem growing up to a height of 1.5 meters. It is classified in the star family. It has large and broadly ovate leaves. The fruit is Achene. In terms of active ingredients, we must mention cynarin, but it also contains flavonoids, fiber, tannins, vitamins A and B, enzymes, or organic acids and salts.

Useful parts: mainly leaves are used from Artichoke, which are collected during flowering (in July and August). However, flower beds are also used, especially in the kitchen.

Artichoke to help with liver and kidney problems

We mentioned above the active substance cynarin, which is by far the most important from the point of view of pharmacy. It is a derivative of organic caffeic acid, which has positive effects on the liver and kidneys, as it can stimulate bile and urine production. Thus, Artichoke is used for digestive disorders, inflammation of the gallbladder, located at the liver base, and helps with kidney disease. All these effects have been documented for many years through scientific research and testing.

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However, the pharmaceutical use of Artichoke is somewhat broader. In combination with other herbs, it can be used to detoxify the body completely. Because it can lower blood sugar, it can also help people with diabetes. In addition, it lowers cholesterol, and you can prepare it for arthritis and rheumatism. The leaves are usually mixed into the mixture, and subsequently, herbal tea is formed. Due to the fact that cardamom is a very bitter taste, it is often used together with other herbs, which also applies to artichoke aperitifs.

Using Artichoke in the kitchen

The kitchen uses green artichoke flower beds with a bittersweet taste, from which it is possible to prepare several dishes that taste interesting and at the same time healthy. Artichokes can be quickly cooked in salted water and baked in the oven or topped with various types of sauces. In addition, you can use them together with tomatoes for pasta or wrap and fry them. This vegetable is popular on the European continent, especially in the south, so it is a standard part of Spanish, Italian, or Greek cuisine.

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