Reach A Large Audience With Ease

For all such new to the mode of mobile marketing, it can be surprising to know what actually bulk SMS is! Primarily it was to communicate in a few words. There happen to be a lot of various terms utilised to define this efficient marketing method like SMS alerts, business SMS, SMS software, bulk text, SMS marketing, or text message marketing, but they are utilised to describe the similar thing.

At first, let it be clear that SMS is the abbreviation of “short message service,” that makes a text message conveyed from one mobile gadget towards another. So bulk SMS is the process of conveying an SMS in the direction of a big group of receivers simultaneously.  SMS messages can be bought in bulk that is why the term is coined, and happen to be very cheap as compared to regular SMS sent from your mobile set when you send or receive SMS online. Also, bulk SMS makes a significantly cheap mode of mass communication as opposed to the traditional means of marketing like email and advertising marketing.  

One more crucial difference is the volume of SMS that may be conveyed utilising bulk simultaneously opposed to the limit pertaining to bulk SMS that may be conveyed from a smartphone or online SMS send to mobile phone. What differentiates bulk SMS from conveying SMS from the mobile set makes the capability to tailor the sender ID.  

Here are enlisted a few advantages of bulk SMS

High open rate

In comparison to other marketing means bulk SMS marketing possesses an extremely high open rate. Nearly every SMS conveyed is opened within ten minutes. While only the small number of email conveyed is opened, and the majority of them get delivered into your spam box.

The high rate of conversion

By making use of SMS, you obtain an elevated amount of rate of conversion as compared to any other mode of marketing. At the present times, you will come across a lot of messaging apps present in the marketplace, but people go for communication via SMS. Also, particularly (business to consumer) gets a high rate of conversion as opposed to various other forums.  


The bulk SMS service tends to be highly economical and budget-friendly as compared to a magazine, billboard or television advertising.


Conveying an SMS does not involve any rocket science or any PhD degree. Anyone who possesses a mobile set is familiar with the process to convey SMS. However, in case you are looking forward to conveying bulk SMS towards the consumer, mobile does not make a perfect pick for it. You require something extra effective and dependable. With the help of bulk SMS, you are in the capacity to perform it with ease and begin the bulk SMS campaign.  

Easy access

These days even very simple kind of mobile set is provided with the feature of SMS. People are not in need of the internet connection to make use of the SMS facets that can be said to be the prime benefit of SMS because it entails the least dependency.