Wedding Corsages, A Decorative Necessity

Wedding day is the single most important day in the lives of a couple. Not only the couples but their families too want to look their best when the grand moment comes. The groom on such occasions wear buttonholes that really push their look to heavenly. However, this does not mean that their female counterparts are left behind them. In fact, females have a step more to achieve as they wear the bigger and the better corsages to overwhelm the groom. Corsages are decorative arrangements worn by both the groom’s as well as the bride’smother. In fact, in most of the cases even the grandmothers wear corsages and that seems to be a pretty good idea.

Corsages are made from a single big flower or a group of flowers. Most of the brides and the related ladies like to wear their corsages on their dresses. This seems a good option as it matches the buttonholes technique of the groom. Corsages when wore on the dress are generally attached with the help of a pearl/ornament headed pin, which not only looks good but is also a bare necessity as it holds the corsage along with the dress. Nowadays with the quality of dresses becoming more good and elegant as well, the use of pin with a pearl head has declined somewhat and instead corsage magnets are being used. These magnets are equally good and one do not risk the danger of spoiling their expensive dresses. Well, one might be enticed to think that corsages are just a gimmick to put off men from boasting about their buttonholes and this thinking is absolutely incorrect. To everybody’s surprise, the cost of a corsage is way higher than that of a buttonhole and the kind of flowers used for designing and preparing a corsage are much more exquisite and the designs much more refined.

Singapore orchids and other classy orchids, calla lilies and spray roses are some of the example of those flowers that are cut out for such dress worn corsages and are used extensively by the bride and the other female members present in the wedding. However, wrist corsages have also started becoming a huge success in the wedding markets. Prepared form circular and durable flowers, these wedding corsages actually can look quite cool and are well received at any of the functions. Different orchids and roses as mentioned in the dress corsages section, also suits well these wrist corsages and are tied on a wrist by a ribbon. Ladies often wear wrist corsages in order to show more closeness to the wedding and their integral participation.

Apart from the aforementioned two, one other type of corsage is also on the top of the pyramid called as the handbag corsage. This corsage is most commonly found in high class or pretty wealthy marriages where a corsage similar to the former two is attached on the handbag. There are primarily two reasons for such a corsage. One is that the dresses are too costly to be taken risk with and the other one is that the ladies have a successful attempt at flaunting their Chanel handbags.