Top Weekend Getaways For New Yorkers

While the city is packed full of entertainment ideas for singles, couples and families alike, sometimes nothing is more refreshing than a weekend away from the hustle and bustle. While some of the better New York weekend getaways are seasonal, there is always a good destination where you can relax and unwind. It’s a great way to learn more about the natural beauty and tranquility that the state is less well-known for.

1       Mohonk Mountain House – This 250 room resort is built on top of the Mohonk Mountain in New Paltz. In spite of the breathtaking views from its position over a private crystal clear lake, perhaps the most amazing fact is that it is a mere 80 miles North of New York City. It is an ideal setting for romantic New York Weekend Getaways or for a weekend of fun and adventure for the family. Spend your time indulging in the spa amenities or get out into nature and swim in the lake, go boating or take a hike. There is also golf and ice skating to make this a great choice during any season.

2       The Adirondacks – Get back to nature on a budget in the Adirondacks. The drive is about four hours from New York City so you will want to book accommodations. The great news is that admission to this scenic part is free! You have lots of options for activities from hiking through the park, trout fishing, taking a gondola ride, enjoying a picnic, or taking a hot-air balloon ride to get a bird’s eye view.

3       The Catskills – One of the most popular destinations for New York weekend getaways, the Catskills are just two hours north of New York City making it a big draw for couples looking for a romantic getaway. It’s a great destination in any season, with the mountains highlighted in summer with bright wildflowers and touched with golden foliage in the fall.

4       Cape May,NJ– Take a trip back in time. Only 2 ½ hours away from NYC, this is one of the top picks of New York weekend getaways for couples. Cape May offers a different type of shopping experience, with tiny shops along a cobblestone street. There is also shopping at a historic lighthouse or, for a little more excitement, go to East Coast Parasail for para-sailing. Or just relax on the beautiful Cape May beach. The area is populated with traditional Victorian homes and you can stay in a cozy bed & breakfast while you aren’t busy enjoying the sites. The two of you are certain to be swept away by the romance of a horse drawn carriage ride or on a whale and dolphin cruise.

5       Ocean City, NJ – If you are looking for the best New York weekend getaways for the entire family to enjoy, Ocean City is well-known for its scenic views and many activities. Enjoy the beauty of the Ocean City Beach or visit the arts center, historical museum, orchestra, or one of many parks. The location is home to Gillian’s Wonderland Pier, a favorite way to pass the summer months for the kids. There are also golf courses where you can practice your swing on new ground. At just over two hours away from NYC, it’s a ride any member of the family will be comfortable with.

6       Fire Island – Located just outside of NYC, Fire Island is an outer barrier island with beautiful beaches, sand dunes and an exciting night life. Consider getting together with a group of friends and going in together for a weekend cottage rental. A ferry will take you to your destination where there will be no cars allowed!

7       Club Getaway in Kent, CT – Although this camp is a fun place for kids during the week, it’s even more fun for adults on the weekends. Starting on Friday night, the camp is turned into one of the most adventurous and fun New York weekend getaways within a two-mile radius of NYC. Activities include rock climbing, zip lining, water skiing and stunt fighting. You can also enjoy some lakeside relaxation and the food and drinks are also above average.

8       Atlantic City, NJ – While Atlantic City may not be the extravagant and glamorous city of Vegas, it is really close and it’s about two hours from New York City. It’s a great trip for anyone who wants to enjoy some excitement and a little gambling close to home.

9       The Berkshire Mountains – Just 169 miles away from the city, these mountains in Western Massachusetts offer an incredible retreat for anyone looking for New York weekend getaways that put them in the center of nature. In addition to an incomparable mountain setting, there is a lot to do including horseback riding, hiking, biking, rafting, hot air balloon rides and even llama rides. There are also lots of spas where you can spend some downtime and unwind.

10  Hudson Valley –Hudson Valley leads the way in New York weekend getaways for history buffs. Even if historic sites and museums are not your thing, there are farms and trails where you can enjoy hikes along scenic trails. Some of the more popular sites include the home of Franklin D. Roosevelt and Vall-Kill, the cottage and gardens of Eleanor Roosevelt. There is also a Presidential Library and Museum and Vanderbilt Mansion, still reminiscent of the lavish lifestyle of the robber barons. A trip to Hudson Valley is just an hour’s drive from NYC.

These are just some of the more popular destinations for New York Weekend Getaways, most of which are no more than two hours away. Although you may want to take a spontaneous trip when the right weekend rolls around, be sure to arrange for accommodations before you leave home. Once you have a place to stay, you will be ready to make the most of your trip. Try different destinations whenever you get a chance and discover which ones are your favorite New York weekend getaways of all.